Create invoice from trade offer

Generate a invoice of a given trade offer. (OBS Generating a invoice of the trade offer, will trigger a new timestamp on the trade offer).

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Guid of the trade offer


organizationId string

Request model

Optional timestamp. If given validate that you got the latest version. This can be used to ensure that the trade offer has not been changed since you last fetched it. Defaults to latest version of the TradeOffer.
Timestamp string

Timestamp to validate against. If left empty, default to newest version. This is an optional safety measure, making it possible to ensure that changes are made to the latest version of the entity. The timestamp is generated on Dinero's server every time the entity is updated, and is returned as a part of CreatedResponse and UpdatedResponse. It's also available on the entity itself. If you get a timestamp outdated exception (error code 58), you will need to get the latest version of the enity and use its timestamp.


201 (created) if the invoice is created. The CreatedResponse contains the timestamp and guid of the created invoice.

Guid globally unique identifier

The id of the object

TimeStamp string

Timestamp of version. To avoid concurrency issues.


Requests Formats

  "Timestamp": "00000000020A5EA8"

Response Formats

  "Guid": "ac58725b-5317-40f9-a33b-37f7fafe38e6",
  "TimeStamp": "00000000020A5EA8"