Add product

Add a new product to the organization

Query parameters

organizationId string

Request model

Content of the new product
ProductNumber string

Number of the product (Varekode)

Name string

Product name

BaseAmountValue decimal number

Amount excl. VAT

Quantity decimal number


AccountNumber integer

Account number

Unit string

Product unit. Available unit types: hours, parts, km, day, week, month, kilogram, cubicMetre, set, litre, box, case, carton, metre, package, shipment, squareMetre, session, tonne.

ExternalReference string

Your external id This can be used for ID'ing in external apps/services e.g. a web shop. The maximum length is 128 characters

String length: inclusive between 0 and 128

Comment string

Comment for the product. The comment will be shown on invoices with the product by default.

String length: inclusive between 0 and 128


201 (created) if the product was successfully saved.

ProductGuid globally unique identifier

The guid of the product


Requests Formats

  "ProductNumber": "sample string 1",
  "Name": "skrewdriver",
  "BaseAmountValue": 20.0,
  "Quantity": 5.0,
  "AccountNumber": 1000,
  "Unit": "parts",
  "ExternalReference": "Fx. WebShopID:42",
  "Comment": "Mix in a highball glass with ice."

Response Formats

  "ProductGuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"