Create payment

Create a payment for an invoice. Payments can only be added to a booked invoice.

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Guid of the invoice


organizationId string

Request model

The payment details
Timestamp string

Version of the invoice


DepositAccountNumber integer

Account number of an deposit account


RemainderIsFee boolean

Whether the remaining amount of the voucher should be added as a fee.

ExternalReference string

Your external id This can be used for ID'ing in external apps/services e.g. a web shop. The maximum length is 128 characters

String length: inclusive between 0 and 128

PaymentDate string

The date of the payment. This should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2015-12-02. Defaults to today.

Description string

Description. Fx.: 'Payment of invoice'.


Amount decimal number

Amount. Has to be different from 0.


AmountInForeignCurrency decimal number

When handling a payment for a voucher with a foreign currency, this property is required. This property together with Amount will be used to calculate exchange rate.


200 (ok) if the payment was created

Guid globally unique identifier

The guid of the payment

TimeStamp string

Timestamp of version of the invoice. To avoid concurrency issues.


Requests Formats

  "Timestamp": "00000000020A5EA8",
  "DepositAccountNumber": 55000,
  "RemainderIsFee": false,
  "ExternalReference": "Fx. WebShopID:42",
  "PaymentDate": "2015-12-02",
  "Description": "Payment of invoice",
  "Amount": 20.0,
  "AmountInForeignCurrency": 15.0

Response Formats

  "Guid": "f2481f0a-c43e-4257-b25b-0eff88995acc",
  "TimeStamp": "00000000020A5EA8"