Send pre reminder

Send a pre reminder email with link to a public version of the invoice where it can be printed or downloaded as a pdf. The invoice needs to be overdue to send the reminder. A pre-reminder is a mail reminding the customer, that the invoice is overdue. This will not cause a reminder to be created in Dinero, this is only a mailout.

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Guid of the invoice to send


organizationId string

Request model

Model of the email to send
Timestamp string

Optional timestamp of version. If given validate that you got the latest version. This can be used to ensure that the voucher has not been changed since you last fetched it. Defaults to latest version.

Sender string

Sender email. Defaults to organization email if left empty.

CcToSender boolean

Set to true, if copy should be send to sender. Defaults to false.

Receiver string

Receiver email. Defaults to contact email if left empty. If left empty, the contact needs to have an email, otherwise it will cause a bad request. For multiple receivers a comma separated list is also allowed. Fx ','

Subject string

The subject of the email. Defaults to '{Type} {Number}' (according to the selected invoice language). Fx 'Invoice 3', 'Credit note 4' or 'Offer 12'.

Message string

Body of the email. If set, then it must contain the tag: [link-to-pdf], so that a link to the pdf can be included. If left empty, defaults to template created in dinero.

AddVoucherAsPdfAttachment boolean

Defaults to invoice settings (Fakturaindstillinger > Standard udsendelses-indstillinger). If true, the voucher will be attached to the email as pdf.


200 (ok) if the email is send


Requests Formats

  "Timestamp": "00000000020A5EA8",
  "Sender": "",
  "CcToSender": true,
  "Receiver": "",
  "Subject": "Email subject.",
  "Message": "Here is my awesome personal text. Be sure to include a link tag! Link to PDF: [link-to-pdf]",
  "AddVoucherAsPdfAttachment": true

Response Formats

Sample not available.