Get purchase voucher

Gets a purchase voucher by its guid

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Guid of the voucher to get


organizationId string


Guid globally unique identifier

Guid of the voucher

Timestamp string

Timestamp used for verifying version when updating or changing the voucher

Status string

The status of a cash purchase voucher, can be: Draft, Paid, or Editing. The status of a credit purchase voucher can be: Draft, Paid, Editing, Booked, Overdue, or Overpaid

FileGuid string

Guid of the file associated with the voucher, optional value

VoucherNumber integer

Number of the voucher

VoucherDate string

Date of the purchase

PaymentDate string

Date of the payment of the voucher, is the same as voucherdate if the purchase is cash

RegionKey string

The region the purchase is made from, only used on cash purchases, can be: DK, EU, or World

PurchaseType string

Type of purchase, can be cash or credit

Lines PurchaseVoucherLineReadModel[] Show model
Description string

Description of the line

VatCode string

Vat code for the selected account number.

AccountNumber integer

The account number the line books on

AmountExclVatValue decimal number

Amount on the line excluding VAT

AmountInclVatValue decimal number

Amount on the line including VAT

VatAmountValue decimal number

Amount in VAT on the line

The list of lines associated with the purchase

DepositAccountNumber integer

Account number of the deposit to book on, only used for cash purchases

ContactGuid globally unique identifier

Guid of the contact associated with the purchase, can only have a value on credit purchases

ExternalReference string

Your external id This can be used for ID'ing in external apps/services e.g. a web shop. The maximum length is 128 characters


Response Formats

  "Guid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "Timestamp": "00000000020A5EA8",
  "Status": "Paid",
  "FileGuid": "pa2halkrpgo3oho45hj0dlkfrro4ilf",
  "VoucherNumber": null,
  "VoucherDate": "2019-09-02",
  "PaymentDate": "2019-09-02",
  "RegionKey": "DK",
  "PurchaseType": "cash",
  "Lines": [
      "Description": "Purchase of something",
      "VatCode": "I25",
      "AccountNumber": 2000,
      "AmountExclVatValue": 80.0,
      "AmountInclVatValue": 100.0,
      "VatAmountValue": 20.0
      "Description": "Purchase of something",
      "VatCode": "I25",
      "AccountNumber": 2000,
      "AmountExclVatValue": 80.0,
      "AmountInclVatValue": 100.0,
      "VatAmountValue": 20.0
  "DepositAccountNumber": 55000,
  "ContactGuid": null,
  "ExternalReference": "Fx. WebShopID:42"