Get settings

Returns a model containing the users default sales voucher setting preferences. These are the settings that are applied when the user creates a new invoice in Dinero's web app. The user can edit these setting under Settings>InvoiceSettings (Indstillinger>Faktura indstillinger).

Query parameters

organizationId string


LinesInclVat boolean

The users preference, whether the lines should be displayed incl VAT or not

FikCode string

FI71 paymentidentification. For the FIK code +71<000000016460909+12345678< this would be 12345678

UseFikCode boolean

The users preference, whether to use FIK code or not

DefaultAccountNumber integer

Default voucher line account


Response Formats

  "LinesInclVat": false,
  "FikCode": "12345678",
  "UseFikCode": true,
  "DefaultAccountNumber": 0