Get settings

Returns a model containing the users default sales voucher setting preferences. These are the settings that are applied when the user creates a new invoice in Dinero's web app. The user can edit these setting under Settings>InvoiceSettings (Indstillinger>Faktura indstillinger).

Query parameters

organizationId string


LinesInclVat boolean

The users preference, whether the lines should be displayed incl VAT or not

FikCode string

FI71 paymentidentification. For the FIK code +71<000000016460909+12345678< this would be 12345678

UseFikCode boolean

The users preference, whether to use FIK code or not

DefaultAccountNumber integer

Default voucher line account

InvoiceTemplateId globally unique identifier

The default template id to use for design.


Response Formats

  "LinesInclVat": false,
  "FikCode": "12345678",
  "UseFikCode": true,
  "DefaultAccountNumber": 0,
  "InvoiceTemplateId": "962029e3-0243-48bb-aa2e-018e52590c59"