Get contact

Retrieves contact information for the contact with the given id

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Unique identifier for the contact information


organizationId string


Returns the contact information

Name string

Name of the contact person or the company name

ContactGuid globally unique identifier

Our Guid

ExternalReference string

Your external id This can be used for ID'ing in external apps/services e.g. a web shop. The maximum length is 128 characters

CountryKey string

Country key Two character string e.g. DK for Denmark, DE for Germany or SE for Sweden

UpdatedAt date

Time at which the Contact was last updated

Street string

Street name

Phone string

Phone number

ZipCode string

Zip code

Email string

Email address

AttPerson string

Name of the att. person in cases here the contact is a company. If IsPerson this should be NULL.

VatNumber string

VAT number. If IsPerson this should be NULL.

CreatedAt date

Time at which the Contact was created

DeletedAt date

Time at which the Contact was deleted

IsDebitor boolean

Is the contact a debitor

IsCreditor boolean

Is the contact a creditor

City string


Webpage string

Webpage address

EanNumber string

EAN number. This number is used for digital invoicing. If IsPerson this should be NULL.

PaymentConditionType string

Type of the payment condition for the contact. Netto, NettoCash or CurrentMonthOut. If NettoCash, then PaymentConditionNumberOfDays should be null. Defaults to Netto.

PaymentConditionNumberOfDays integer

Number of days for payment for the contact. E.g. that the contact has 7 days until payment has to be made. This field depends on PaymentConditionType. If left empty, defaults to 8 for all other payment types then NettoCash.

IsPerson boolean

Boolean to indicate whether the contact is a private person or a company. If true, the contact is a person.

UseCvr boolean

Boolean to indicate whether the contacts name and addres should be updated with data from CVR.

CompanyTypeKey string

String with the key of the company type. The following keys are allowed: EmptyCompanyType, SoleProprietorship, PrivateLimitedCompany, PublicLimitedCompany, GeneralPartnership, LimitedPartnership, LimitedLiabilityCooperative, LimitedLiabilityVoluntaryAssociation, LimitedLiabilityCompany, EntreprenurLimitedCompany, Union, VoluntaryUnion, SmallPersonallyOwnedCompany, TrustFund and Others.


Response Formats

  "ContactGuid": "f92d1c7e-6fdb-41ea-b6a2-2cd8ff597d12",
  "CreatedAt": "2019-05-16T16:19:27.694814Z",
  "UpdatedAt": "2019-05-16T16:19:27.694814Z",
  "DeletedAt": "2019-05-16T16:19:27.694814Z",
  "IsDebitor": true,
  "IsCreditor": true,
  "ExternalReference": "Fx. WebShopID:42",
  "Name": "John Doe",
  "Street": "Main road 42",
  "ZipCode": "2100",
  "City": "Copenhagen",
  "CountryKey": "DK",
  "Phone": "+45 99 99 99 99",
  "Email": "",
  "Webpage": "",
  "AttPerson": "Donald Duck",
  "VatNumber": "12345674",
  "EanNumber": "1111000022223",
  "PaymentConditionType": "Netto",
  "PaymentConditionNumberOfDays": 8,
  "IsPerson": false,
  "UseCvr": false,
  "CompanyTypeKey": "PrivateLimitedCompany"