Delete credit note

Delete credit note. The creditnote cannot be deleted if booked.

Query parameters

guid globally unique identifier

Unique identifier for the credit note


organizationId string

Request model

optional timestamp to verify version before deletion
Timestamp string

Timestamp to validate against. If left empty, default to newest version. This is an optional safety measure, making it possible to ensure that changes are made to the latest version of the entity. The timestamp is generated on Dinero's server every time the entity is updated, and is returned as a part of CreatedResponse and UpdatedResponse. It's also available on the entity itself. If you get a timestamp outdated exception (error code 58), you will need to get the latest version of the enity and use its timestamp.


Returns 200 (OK) if the credit note is deleted successfully


Requests Formats

  "Timestamp": "00000000020A5EA8"

Response Formats

Sample not available.